Thanks to our network, you, just contact us can do everything necessary to the sale of your home. Our job is to save you time by providing all our resources.

We offer the great advantage of having a wide array of efforts, including maintenance "post sale" of your home.

You can choose one or more of the following services:

Asesoriamiento LEGAL: our lawyers will help you with any questions on the legal aspects of a real estate transaction.

FUNDING: we provide to you the purchase of your home performed to this, for free, a personalized study of your financial situation, in order to negotiate and achieve in each case the best conditions for your mortgage or personal loan.

VALUATION AND PRICING. We offer a free valuation of your home in 24 hours. We will arrange an appraisal of your home, by a reputable company, and you get the best results.

GESTORÍA: We will process the registration process and accurate to formalize the sale notary.

MANAGEMENT CONTRACTS: We will process high in the companies supplying electricity, water and telephone. Also, if necessary, will accompany you to facilitate your registration in the city, etc.

TRANSPORTATION AND MOVING: We will help you organize the move to their new home by providing the proper permits, transportation procurement, movers, etc.

DESIGN AND REFORM: we provide a custom project done by our architect and / or designer. We will manage the formalities municipal building permit, occupancy permits public roads, etc.

INSURANCE: will provide advice for hiring their insurance of your home or other property.

ADAPTATION TO HELP: If you are from another country, or need help integrating into our town, has trouble communicating, or not known to local regulations. We are always at your disposal to solve everyday problems, to accompany him to the offices, banks, bodies of Finance, Town Hall, performing translations or interpretations, book a rental car or go up at the airport, if necessary, etc.

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